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Largest Domestic Cat Breed?

Hi y'all, what's the largest domestic cat breed?

Persian And Himalayan Cats Difference...

These breeds are long haired and flat faced, both. What's the actual difference between them?

I Am Trying To Figure

I am trying to figure out what type of cat my kitten is can you help?

Finding A Good Abyssinian Breeder

Hello, Since recently the Abyssinian has become my favourite breed. I've read about these beautiful cats a lot, and I would like to buy a kitten. But I've heard so much about...

Cats With Watery Eyes

is it true that watery eyes is a characteristic of some breeds and it can be cured?

Most Vocal Cats

Hello to everybody! I am about to get a cat but I'd like to know which breeds are most vocal because I want a vocal one!!! I love cat purrs and meows! Any suggestions which cat...

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Pure-Bred?

How do I find out if my cat is a pure breed? He looks much like a Turkish Van but I don't know how to check it.

Rarest Color In Ragdolls

greetings, can anyone please tell me what is the most uncommon color in ragdolls

Tabby Kitten

Hey everybody, I have a kitten with a wonderful tabby pattern, brown-cream color, and green eyes. :^) I'm just curious if he can change his color or marks when he has grown up...

New Cornish Rex?

Hi world! Last month we got a long desired Cornish Rex! (: We spent a lot of time choosing the breed, and chose Cornish Rex because they were described as very affectionate and...

Importing New Cat Breed?

Do you think it's ethical to import a cat to a country where the breed is not present? Is the traveling too much stress? This would be with plane for 3 hours.

Two Cats, One Is Pregnant?

Hi! I have two great cats named Agnes and Colby. Colby is her son from the first litter she had about a year and a half ago. He is sometimes bully towards his mom but on a closer...

Cat With Most Massive Whisker Pads?

Is the Maine Coon the breed with the biggest whisker pads among domestic cats?

Elf Cat?

what is the life expectancy of an elf cat?

M Stripes On Cat Forehead

Have you noticed that many tabby cats have M looking stripes on the forehead? Even those cats in which the tabby pattern is not very prominent. I wonder if it's meant to stand...
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