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Myths About Persians?

Hello! I happened to have a Persian cat and now I'm wondering which of the following statements are myths and which are true. 1) Persians often have tear stains but this is totally...

Cat Color Question?

Hi we have a Scottish Fold and I'd like to ask a question about his color. It's smoky -- does it mean all his kittens will be smoky too? thanks.

Hair On A Scottish Fold Become Yellowish

Hi everyione! We have a blue-coloured Scottish Fold kitten born on 16.01.2011. A while back the tips of his hair have begun to get a yellow shade. He's on Royal Canine dry food...

Blue-Eyed Cats

I want a cat with blue eyes but not sure what breeds have it. Please help! Thanks! ^^

WCF Disqualified My British Shorthair

Hi all, My cat was disqualified for green rims in the eye. I've searched the entire internet looking for more details and trying to find out if this should really be considered...

Most Popular Cat

hi, what is the most popular cat breed in the world?

Longhair Cats With Little Shedding

Hi all. I'd like to get a companion for my Jane, a Bengal. The problem is that my husband doesn't like shorthair cats and he wouldn't want another one. So I'm trying to find a...

Ocicat Prices

Anyone knows an average price for Ocicats in PA? Thanks.

Hairless Cat?

Hi i'm a 30 year old avid cat lover but unfortunately i have an allergy to these great creatures what i'd like to know is whether hairless cats are hypoallergenic. i REALLY want...

Your Favourite Cat Breed

What is it? Do you have any? I myself like Miane Coon because of his fabulous fur. But, on the other hand, I find all cats just adorable. [Luv]

Scottish Fold - Have You Ever Seen Such...

Do you think they look slightly weird?

What Type Of Cat

Hi, can someone tell me what type of cat is this? It has the Cutest eyes Eva!! Almost like Puss-in-Boots from Shrek only Round. [link]

Abyssinian - Active Cat For Active Family...

...so Abyssinian seems ideal for children who are generally active.

Curly Cats Origin

Hey friends, do you know where curly cats come from? Was their special coat "invented" by the nature, or it is a human creation (breeding result)? I am not sure if curly cats...

How Do You Choose A Good Breeder?

Hi folk, I am about to get a Sphynx cat but I am confused with choosing a good breeder. Pet websites always say "buy only from a reputable breeder", "look for a reputable breeder...
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