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Hypoallergic Cats?

My daughter has an allergy to cats and dogs but we all want a pet so much. I've heard that a new hypoallergic cat breed has been originated, is this true? Do you know anything...

Snowshoe Vs Ragdoll

Hi all! From what I've read about the 2 breeds, they look almost the same. But then, how do you distinguish a Snowshoe from a Ragdoll? There must be some difference because otherwise...

Himalayan Cat - Introduction

The breed was originated in England in about 1930. Himalayan cats are very docile, quiet, and affectionate. Good for senior people.

Exotic Cat - Introduction

The Exotic cat is a shorthair Persian. It was bred to meet people's interests that loved the sweet personality of the Persian and its lovely snub nose but couldn't care about...

Balinese Cat - Introduction

Balinese cats are longhair Siamese. They are very playful and they are quite similar to the Siamese, but they are not hyper active and have a softer voice. Gentle and very adaptable...

Somali Cat - Introduction

The Somali is a long hair Abyssinian, so the breed comes from a cross between an Abby and a longhair cat, maybe Persian or Angora. Some say that it's a natural mutation, but nobody...

Sphynx Cat - Introduction

The Sphynx is a mutation from the domestic. In the 1970s they discovered a hairless cat in a litter of normal kittens, and the breed was started from that. It's just an accident...

Oriental And Siamese Cats Health?

Is it true that Oriental and Siamese cats are prone to various diseases and infections? Two months ago I took a Siamese kitten and want her to become a mother in about a year...

Polydactyl Maine Coons

i've heard that maine coons are never polydactyl, is this true?

Birman - Almost Dog-Like Cats

Cats of awesome beauty and wonderful blue eyes. By the way, I can't imagine how a cat can sit still in the car.

Manx - Cats That Are Not Afraid Of Dogs

To be honest, I didn't know that there are cats without a tail... now I know it. What's even more surprising - this is an absolutely natural mutation!

Ragdoll - Obedient, Sweet And Neat

I've just came across another useful breed video. I think it's a good supplement for our Ragdoll article.

New Breed Of 'Supercats' Is Unsafe For...

Mild-mannered moggies are increasingly being replaced by new breeds in which African or South American wildcats have been crossbred with domestic cats. Despite price-tags of...

Cornish Rex - Agile Intelligent Cats

These cats look so slender! However, they are said to be fearless... an interesting breed indeed.

Siamese - Very Vocal Cat

One of the most recognizable cat breeds, hehe.
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