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Oona - White Maine Coon

Burmilla - Companionable Cats

Such a cutie! I didn't know some cats couldn't feel good enough when alone. 

American Curl

Here are some videos of American Curl cats, one very interesting breed because of its curled back ears! You can find more information on this breed here.

Bengal - Very Intelligent And Adaptable...

There seem more and more cats who are said to be alike dogs!

Persian - Perfect Family Cat

Hey Punky, is your Chewy just like this?

Russian Blue - People Oriented, Gentle...

I love the colour of this cat. So tenderly silver.

Ocicat - Haters Of Being Alone

Interesting things are told here. Hmm... If a cat can behave like a dog, I wonder whether there is any dog that can behave like a cat!

British Shorthair Cat - Brief Introduction

Some interesting facts I have not been aware of. Maybe you'll learn something new too!
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