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There are actually some breeds of cats that are hypo allergenic. You can google them. And as far as the sphinx they arent the best considering you have to bathe them regularly. Another thing to remember is that you are not alergic to the fur it is the saliva. (Cats lick their fur that what makes it so irritating) but ive also been allergic to cats and ive had them my whole life but I find that after a while you can build an immunity to your cat. (Not all cats just the cat you are exposed to everyday)
We have a 2 balinese & 2 variant kittens. they are very sweet and their hair silky.They have amazing temperament & cleverness. I had a few cats during my life, but theese cats are not look like CATs, their behaviour look like a little child .Visit our page and enjoy and, please, leave a comment .