Okay, I am thinking about getting a kitten.

My kitten just died, we had to put her down. She got stepped on by a construction worker so, I will not be getting a kitten until that is done. It was extremely sad, we bonded so well. She followed me verywhere and she did knuckles all this by the time she was 8 weeks old. So, for one I do NOT want another orange cat. I would love to have a white fluffy kitten or a striped one.

I am allergic to cats but, it seems to help since I do take Zertec. We have three dogs... Husky, yorkie, and a malte-pom. I would like it to be an in door and out door cat. I have all the time in the world during the Summer to take care of her and quite a bit during the school year. We often have people over. I have a sister of the age 11 which she wants her own kitten.

I want to start getting to know the kitten at about 4 weeks old. Any ideas on the cat breed and on where I could get that cat? Thanks!!!
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Get a normal breed, my advice is to check your local shelter if they've got kittens and perhaps get a pair of siblings, one for you and one for your sister.
I'm with Anonymous--there are enough lovely rescue kittens in the world that need saving from life (and death) in a shelter to forgo breeders.

That said, if the allergies are a potential deal-breaker for you, some breeds such as Abyssinian and Sphynx that produce less allergens than normal cats.
Tiffany maybe? I don't know much about cats but I've read about them it looks like they might be a good match. As for breeders I would just go to a local shelter. Good luck! Emotion: smile
You should not get any pets as you are not mentally ready to handle such responsibility. 4-8 weeks kittens are too young to be separated from their mothers anyway.
I suggest a Siberian Cat. I have a three year old boy whom I have had since he was a kitten and he is just the most incredible cat and I could never ask for a better kitty Emotion: smile Here is why:

Siberians are extremely easygoing and friendly with dog-like personalities. They are said to be excellent with dogs. I don't have any but my cat has been great around guinea pigs and I have lots of siberian owners in a Facebook group where we brag about our "sibs" and many have dogs that love playing with the cats!
Siberians are beautiful. Their fur is similar to that of a rabbits: it is extremely soft, dense, and sheds in tufts of fluff that float around the house.
My sib is very talkative and he has a beautiful "voice" and his purring and meowing is very endearing and only annoying when he is persistently asking for something.
Sibs are VERY smart. Mine knows some obedience commands and usually listens to them Emotion: smile he knows his name along with about five of his other nicknames and will meow back at me and come over if I call for him.
They do not understand the concept of personal space. I find this a good quality because I love my cat Emotion: smile
They are extremely athletic and graceful and love being high up.
They are stunningly beautiful cats to look at. I enjoy going to the vets and having the staff gather around because "Shea is here!!!!" They even love seeing him when he's grumpy to be there.
Most importantly.. they are hypoallergenic. This can be controversial when you see the heated discussions on the internet about this but this is from an owner. My dad has severe cat allergies and can't be at someone's house who has a normal cat for more than fifteen minutes without eye and respiratory symptoms flaring up. My dad is able to pick up my sib and hold him to his face. He brushes him and sits on the same furniture he sheds all over and... no symptoms whatsoever! Everyone's allergies are different so visit a breeder's or siberian owner's home extensively. The "allergy tests" breeders provide by sending a fur sample for you to sniff is not accrete; you need to spend time with them and let them climb on you to make sure, but it is great with my dad. Siberians naturally produce significantly less of the allergen you are allergic to that is in a cat's dander, skin, fur, urine, feces, and saliva. Sphynx cats are NOT hypoallergenic and oriental cats and Siamese cats (and Devon and Cornish rex, etc.) are okay for very mild allergies or asthma and I have heard rumors of Russian Blues but nothing concrete. Siberians are amazing and I can't imagine my life without Shea. There are more breeders nowadays but a good one will have kittens running about $1000 which is typical, usually a little more. But this cat is truly priceless. Good luck!
Any kind of kitty would be good for you. I am not particular on breeds, I like just having a kitty around.
I know that with some people that are allergic to cats are fine if they get a hairless cat. The only ones I know are Spynx (probably spelled wrong, sorry) and Peterbald.
The ragamuffin cat breed is a large, lovable breed that is very tolerant of children and other pets. They have a long, silky coat requiring minimal grooming, and tend to be overweight. They are the ideal family cat! They are pretty big but they are very tolerent.
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