what is your favorite kind of cat (coat color)?

my sister lovessss tuxedo cats (black cats that have white mittens and a white chest) shes got two!

I LOVE orange kitties, especially if they are big and fluffy!

also, I love little grey kitties

(really i just think all cats are great but those are the colors i go gaga for!)

what do you think??
I love tabbies like those Haanswors have:


Especially if they have white shoes. Emotion: love

And also those Bengal patterns. Truly awesome!

Oh and I love Maru's pattern, not sure how it's called. Perhaps tabby with white. Aww.

yeah i love those patterns too!! my parents always had tabbies like that when i was growing up!! theyre all so cute
I'm fond of the colorpoint pattern, especially Birmans.
I really can't choose a particular pattern or color. They are all very beautiful!
Sammy Lynwhat do you think??
I think that even though we may have our favotire colors, there will always be a kitten of an absolutely different color who'll steal our heart. Emotion: smile
that is absolutely true! a person doesnt pick a cat, a cat picks the person!