My Cat (Mr Nuggets) is 9-10 months old and he's completely healthy(according to their vet) but lately he sits around in the stair hall and start to moan like crazy.

It's been like 3 weeks, everyday when he's done playing with my other cat(Cookie she's 7-8 months old) he just goes to the stair hall and start moaning like hell.

I have been reading different forums on the internet usually cats do this when they are grieving or lonely or when they get old.

I am really worried and quite fed up with his moaning.

Any cat behavioral experts want to take a shot here?

Are both of your cats neutered?
Does he only do this after he plays with her?
My cat used to do this too.. he is a little over a year now but he did that multiple times a day when he was younger. We found out that he just wasn't satisfies with the amount of play time we gave to him and that he was bored. Sometimes he was hungry, and sometimes the litterbox was full. I would try to play with him more and engage more, just because he has a furry friend doesn't mean that his need for fun and hunting is getting satisfied Emotion: smile