Our cat is almost 6 years old. Throughout her life she's been well behaved and has always used her litter box. Yesterday and today she peed on my son's bed. What can cause this behavior change??? No one has treated her badly, we all love her very much. Oh and by the way, she's not spayed.
Is your son at home? has something happened lately that has to do with your son? I went on a trip a few months ago, my cat went in my room and started marking every corner of it focusing on my bed, he was also not neutered at the time but he never marked before and never did it anywhere else in the house but my room..it stopped once I got back home. Try and think if anything changed lately, cats don't always react too well to changes which could trigger this. Anyways I suggest getting a pee remover from the pet shop and cleaning it as best as you can to eliminate the smell also make sure not to scold her if she does it again, you need to treat the cause so scolding will only make it worst.
Yes my son is at home. I cannot remember any major changes right now but probably you're right and I have to think more carefully. Thank you so much for your reply. By the way do you think spaying should help if she keeps peeing on his bed?
Is she an indoor cat? Spaying is great, but in your case I wouldn't be so sure although it might help if shes territorial towards him, your cat is 6 years old and if this had anything to do with being in heat you would have witnessed this behavior a few times a year and it usually starts at around 7 months of age, some cats don't spray or show any signs so I kind of doubt she would start at 6. Although, try and keep an eye on her and see if she does it or did it somewhere else in the house, that could be a sign of heat.
Also maybe take her to the vet and have her urine tested! If she has any health issues peeing outside the litter box can be a sign of that..
So many people get incredibly mad at kitties for doing this but a lot of the times, it's because there is a medical reason for it. This is the only way your cat can tell you something is wrong. She could have an infection, make sure to check her poop and see if there's any blood at all or any diarrhea. Please understand that she can only tell you something is wrong the way she thinks. I'd have her checked at the vet to make sure nothing is going on.
Thank you both. I've tried to remember every single detail that changed recently and the only thing I can think about is that my son changed his perfume. I'm not sure if this is a reason substantial enough for her to start doing it? Luckily she used her litter box as intended today. I'm guessing if she pees on the bed again I'll have her urine tested.
She could very well be allergic to that perfume. Animals have allergies just as much as people and cats cannot filter out many things like that with their livers. Even when inhaled. I would be very careful of her inhaling anything like that as it can trigger liver disease, I've seen it happen. She could letting you know she doesn't like it and it's bothering her system. If he has to spray cologne on himself ask him to do it in the bathroom only and not while she's around, take her out of that room while he's doing it.