Hi. A while back we rescued a kitten who has recently turned 6 months. He's healthy, playufl, docile and active. However, I've never noticed him drink from his water bowl... the second day he was at our home I had to use a baby bottle to make him drink. His diet consists of dry and canned food, the same food he was given in the shelter. Maybe my worries have no ground?
If he seem's healthy and active, I wouldn't worry if you don't see him drink. Mine drink more from puddles, outside bowls, the pond etc. You would think that I nice clean freash bowl of water would be nicer but no, they perfer everything but that. As long there is water available in and out doors, he will drink when he is thirsty (and when your not watching him).

If you are still really worried contact the shelter or vets to put your mind at rest.
have you tried placing the bowl in a different area? sometimes i've heard it helps ^_^ for example my friend's cat refused to drink till the bowl eventually was placed in the living room... no idea why it's so but it worked!