i have a 5 year old outdoor cat that literally drives me mad sometimes - he drinks from muddy puddles rather than from his owl clean bowl! i change the water every day and notheless he prefers to drink from a dirty place! what's wrong with him?
Yeah it's most probably the chemicals in the water that he doesn't like, or the chemicals you wash his water bowl with. Cats have a very strong sense of smell so rinse his bowl with clean water thoroughly to remove any remnants of the chemicals you used, or, instead, use some natural cleaning stuff such as soda.
By the way, I've heard that distilled and R/O water is somewhat 'dead' water. It doesn't contain any pathogenic organisms, but it doesn't have any useful flora/microelements either. So I'm not sure if cats really like such water and will drink it. It won't be as 'tasty' as the dirty water in puddles, hehe. In fact, if you don't live in an area where human pollution can get easily into street water (gasoline, machine oil etc, very typical for big cities and for areas close to busy roads), I'd not worry about his behaviour too much. All wild animals drink water from puddles and other places we find unacceptable. It's absolutely normal and, moreover, such water contains natural organic stuff.
If you are giving him tap water, then I'd guess he probably doesn't like all the chemicals (chlorine and others) that are in it. Try giving him either distilled water or R/O (reverse osmosis) water, and see if that makes a difference.
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