Hi everyone! Please let me know what you think about the following. My cat started to eat dog food. The cat is 16 yeals old and he's always been on natural foods. Recently I switched the dog from natural to dry food, and the cat now eats from the dog's bowl. Moreover it's not just eating together, the cat will growl at the dog and try to drive him away. I've even begun to put the cat in another room while the dog's eating. Is it a right thing to do? Should I allow the cat to eat dog food? Do cat and dog dry food differ a lot?
You should not let your cat eat dog food because cats and dogs have different nutrient requirements, and their food therefore contains different amounts of nutrients too. It can lead to health issues.
I agree with Lauren. Especially if youre cat is older, they need to be supplemented with regular cat food, and possibly even extra nutrients if possible. Ask a vet if you are confused about this or see if they can run tests to determine what the kitty might be lacking. He may be seeking dog food if he is lacking something in his regular food that the dog food has ...While this is not likely, its a possibility. In general though, cats need to eat cat food as dog food will not provide them wit hthe total dietary needs they have. it applies for dogs eating cat food as well.

I am not an expert on behavior but have had a lot of pets and I feel that the cat may be exhibiting a little territory issue. If it is older he may be having a hard time eating and feel threatened by the dog (eating is a vulnerable position for animals even when they are not havign a difficult time).
some animals just develop eating territory issues as they age anyway.

What kind of food does the dog eat? (soft/hard)?
and what kind does the cat normally eat (soft/hard)?
What brand?
and has the cat ever had dietary issues before? Is he a fussy eater normally or has he ever been?

I dont think it is wrong of you to separate the animals while they eat, if anything that may ease the tension. i know that my cat likes to "play" with my dog's food just to mess with him so we keep their food dishes very separate.

Hope I have helped at least a little. Let us know what happens!