It's a catty kind of season with dramatic cat eyes entering this season front and center. If you've check the catwalk, no pun intended, this season -catty is certainly in. Gucci, Sass & Bride gave cat eyes a whole new meaning. Estee Lauder is calling the look the "new Cleopatra." Very retro and certain to make a statement as this look has great impact!
You're a gal who has confidence in her style and you want to be "in" with this seasons "cat eyes." How do you accomplish this futuristic feline look at home?
First make sure you have a black eyeliner pencil in your make up repertoire . Maybelline Cool Effect is an eyeliner eye shadow combination, Cover Girl has there eyeslicks gel eyecolors, and Estee Lauder has the Softsmudge Black. There are plenty of other good ones on the market.
Apply foundation, make sure it's flawlessly applied and then highlight temples and cheekbones ever so slightly. Add light lip color - remember your eyes are the focus.
Cover under the eye with concealer. This will prevent smudging.

Define your eyes with a light shadow covering the entire lid, blend softly up to the brow bone - soft grey, cream, beige, off white, taupe, soft pink, soft lavender all work great.
Work a deep dark shade into the contour to define, then blend along the crease
Next apply a your black eyeliner nice and thick along the lash line. Draw the bottom line thick and up towards the ear.

To open the eye up you can line inside the lash line with a white pencil
Or for every day wear draw thin lines using a soft gray shadow or pencil
Add mascara and if you wish a touch of sparkle and your done. Pretty simple!
Make Your Fashion Statement!

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