So, when I first bought Nibbler, he was such a tiny little thing. I expected, and kinda hoped, he would stay small. The two photo's were taken about 4 months apart and I am astounded at how much he has grown. I don't know if it's because I'm feeding him too much or if he is just destined to be a large and fluffy kitty. What I'm wondering is if this has ever happened to anyone else? Nibbler is only about 6 months, a rough estimate because he was a stray when we got him, and he is almost bigger than our middle cat who is over a year old. As far as I know, Nibbler is just a regular cat and not any specific breed. This post is mostly out of curiosity.
Kittens grow extremely fast, in fact if he stayed small it should have been a cause of concern. When will he stop growing really depends on what breed he is mixed with some breeds are larger and take longer to reach their full size. If you look at his paws they are fairly large which sometimes can indicate that he will be a large cat. as far as overfeeding.. I kind of doubt it he looks just fine to me.
He was so cute when he was a baby though. Emotion: sad He used to lay on my chest and snuggle underneath my chin. He can't do that anymore cause if he does lay on my chest, it feels like he is suffocating me! He is still cute though...especially when he gets in my lap.

I'm thinking maybe he was so small when he got him because he was a stray and probably wasn't getting enough to eat. >.> I sure fixed that in a hurry. lol. He eats more than our two grown cats...probably cause he is still growing. I was just curious is all. Most of the time, I'm an excellent judge at determining a cat's size when they are babies. But Nibbler fooled me good. lol. I love him to death though. He is such a momma's boy. He is extremely attached to me and just loves laying in my lap.
My cat was extremely small when he was young, he is a Sphynx so he is supposed to be pretty small but his size really worried us, he looked like a 2 month old when he was 4 months old. our vet also said he was very small and we went every week to check how much he grew it was small to no changes at a time but she couldn't find anything wrong with him and she doesn't really have too much experience with the breed and I had never seen one grow so I also didn't know if it was normal. at around 6 months he started really growing rapidly now he is about 14 months old and I think he stopped growing about a month ago but his size is completely normal he just took sooooo long! he came from a breeder and has always been healthy, my vet said there are just cats that take longer then others and she was right! I know of breeds that can take up to 2-3 years to reach their full size so I guess it really depends.
Perhaps that was his plan: to look all tiny and cute until someone adopts him, and when he has wrapped you around his furry tail, to catch up in growing finally. Emotion: giggle

Jokes apart, he doesn't look overfed to me, either. If he has Bengal genes (which is quite possible looking at his pattern), they may be quite large cats so his size wouldn't be surprising.

If only cats grew into kittens!
~ R. Stern
RuslanaIf only cats grew into kittens!~ R. Stern
Then I'd be in heaven Emotion: smile

Am curious to see how big Nibbler is now!
The new cat we just got is 4 years old and she looks like my other cat looked when he was 5 months old.. they are small cats to begin with but her previous owner didn't bother to check why she wasn't growing.
I remember my cat grew very slow and we expected him to be pretty small and would always joke that we wished he would stay that small forever.. but now that we have a cat who that actually happened to we don't joke about it anymore