is there any way i can get rid of all that ahir in my house because if i dont my mom is going to ge rid of my cat and i cant let that happen;{ please help me. it will meen alot..thanks!!!!

I don't think there's anything better than brushing your cat daily and cleaning the apartment regularly... You should also look into your cat's diet. Poor diets can be a reason of heavy shedding provided there are no other underlying health problems causing that.

Our longhair cat loves it when we rub or stroke him with wet hands. That's quicker than brushing (although it cannot replace brushing) and it removes dead hair well.

Have you tried Furminator?
A Furminator works wonders at getting the undercoat and yes, daily brushings!!!
Frequent brushing and frequent cleaning. I don't think there's anything better than that. I hope your mom doesn't get rid of the cat...