I have a 6 year old female cat. Every once in a while it looks like she's crying: there is some discharge coming out of her eyes. The discharge is clear and watery so I hope there's nothing too serious. But I wonder what can cause it and whether I should take her to a vet? Can it be an allergy?

I know some breeds such as Persians are prone to this problem and it isn't considered a serious condition, but mine isn't a Persian but a typical domestic shorthair.
Thanks in advance,
Hi Jessica,

My Siamese is the same way. More often than not, it's nothing to worry about, and is simply an aggravated tear duct, but take her to the vet to have him/her look at it just in case it's an infection. It may cost you a few dollars, but it's worth it for the peace of mind.
my cat has it too its probably nothing just something some are more prone to then others she is getting spayed soon so i will be checking with the vet while there but im sure its nothing serious
Hi Jessica,
There can be a lot of reasons of why your cat has that discharge. As long as it's occasional and doesn't seem to bother her, i.e. no change in her behaviour and appetite, I wouldn't worry too much. Yes, it can be a allergy. It also can be caused by an eye injury or upper respiratory tract infection, just the same way people have watery eyes when they've caught a cold. In this case, the cat's nose can become watery too.
If the discharge becomes chronic, I'd take your kitty to a vet for a check up.