My 11month old neutered moggie went into a boarding cattery for a week while I was away & he seemed fine initially, but I'm noticing a few things. He has black/brown eye crusties which I cleaned but return over the 24hrs I've had him back. He sounded strange & I initially thought his voice must have broken (lol) but now I wonder if the hoarseness is a cold or infection. He has had a little bit of trouble doing his business & smells of cat spray, though he has never sprayed. I'm too embarrassed to ring the cattery to ask if he had contact with other cats but...I'm a nervous mumma! Should the hoarse voice & eyes worry me? Thanks
I would 1. call the cattery and ask if he's had contact, don't be embarrassed because this is your baby we're talking about Emotion: smile and 2. take him to the vet for a check-up.