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Cat Lost Weight After Pregnancy?

After my cat gave birth to four kittens she lost a lot of weight. She has a good appetite but weighs 2,5 kg, less than before pregnancy. She's a Scottish Fold 3 years old. I tried...

Mute Cat?

Can cats be mute? I've never heard a single meow or purr from my Jake. Has anyone encountered anything like this? His hearing is OK, and he recognizes his name. But he doesn't...

How Do I Get Rid?

How do I get rid of flea's on my cat's naturally. They are inside cat's. And over 12 years old.

My Cat Closes Her Eye?

My cat closes her eye there is nothing there . What can I do she seems fine no sneezing . She will open it a little .

Cats And Air Fresheners

My beloved Cat, Pojab Jack, Mr. Poo, died of air freshener poisoning. Do not use them around cats. They are very harmful. People should be telling everyone they know. I am...

Cat Limping Front Paw (Leg)?

I have a six year old neutered male named Jack. He is a strictly indoor cat and doesn't like going outdoors. I noticed today that he was holding up his left front paw and had...

Why Do They Call Chantilly?

why do they call Chantilly cat health issues for catagory

I Think My Kitten Ate My Rope Beaded Bracelet...

I think my kitten ate my rope beaded bracelet because I can't find it any where and I heard her eating something that was'the her food. And I don't know what to do. So, what...

How To Get Rid Of Cat Worms?

How do I get rid of the worms my cat has???

Chausie Or Chaussie?

Where can i find a cattery for buying a chausie kitten.

Nerve Damage In A Cat After Spaying?

Afterspaying my kitten doesn't sit properly and falls or slides off the surface she sits on. Has she been damaged in surgery?

Sick Or Hurt Cat?

Hey guys. My cat just started acting really strange today. He has been sleeping most of the day. When I went to pet him, he growled at me especially when I touch his backside...

My Cat Tiger Has Cancer?

My cat Tiger has cancer and is dying. Around the time we found out about it, my other cat started acting weird. She meows loudly from other rooms, and when we go see her she is...

Where Do Cats Hide?

Where do cats hide

Spinner Web Eating?

Why don't the vets tell you the your cat will mostly barf after eating dry food while battling pancreatitis! My 8 year was just diagnosed with mild chronic pancreatitis. The pain...
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