Can cats have hemorrhoids?
An expert at a cat exhibition told me that bobtail cats are getting this problem more and more often because of improper breeding pairs and it made me shocked because I had never heard about this problem in cats! O_O
I could have sworn I'd read that somewhere too about bobtail cats but it says here that they can't get hemorrhoids but the condition that mimics it needs treatment immediately:
Dogs and cats do not get hemorrhoids so any tissue that protrudes from the anus is abnormal.

Just click on close window when the stupid thing comes up in front of the story.
Great piece of info, thank you!
You're very welcome. I still could swear I saw something about bobtails but maybe it was someone else asking. Hope your kitty is okay! Emotion: smile
Never heard about hemorrhoids in cats!
By the way talking about cat vs human diseases, cats don't have heart attacks do they?
Yes, they absolutely do. One of the case studies on my site passed away overnight very quickly from a heart attack. He just went to sleep right in front of them. They said he didn't seem to be in any pain. Their vet confirmed it was a heart attack and that he passed very quickly and peacefully. HCM is a genetic heart condition with kitties as well. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) in cats

http://www.fabcats.org/hcm /
Have a little Bob tail kitten with hemorrhoids . Vet told me to use preparation h ,but does not seem to help . Vet says sometimes he has to put them to sleep. She spots a little blood sometimes. Want to help her but don't know what to do. Please advice me. r5dmz
Vet also told me to feed her a high fiber cat food . have fed her his recommended cat food.