Hello dear cat fanciers!
I dream about getting a kitten but so far there have been two obstacles. 1) My husband has never had cats so he isn't fond of this idea (but I've almost persuaded him already) and 2) I'm in doubt about the following: if we both are at work all day and the cat is alone at home, how will it affect his/her behaviour, health and mind? Will he/she be too active at night trying to draw our attention? Will it let us sleep? Do you think it's better not to get any pets in such a situation? Emotion: tongue tied
Stop dreaming, and get TWO cats! Emotion: wink There is nothing more fun than watching two cats playing together and chasing each other around obstacles. Your husband will fall in love almost instantly.

If you're worried about leaving an animal home alone while you both work, then a cat is the perfect solution. They are very independent little critters and don't mind being alone. Although having two cats is even better. Then, if one of them gets bored or lonely, it can go and roust the other one into some play action.

Cats are nocturnal animals, so they will try to get you to play with them at night. However, it is very easily stopped by spraying your cat in the face with water and firmly saying, "NO!"
I'm a new cat owner and I just want to share my experience. My husband hated cats. Upon any mention about having a cat he was telling he wouldn't tolerate the fact someone urinates in his shoes or scratches the wallpapers. Emotion: big smile I was persuading him for about 2 months. Finally, we have Nile and he is fond of her. Emotion: big smile She too has to be alone almost all day but she's utterly happy when we come back. So much love in such a small creature! I've not noticed any changes in her behavior, she's active, playful and a bit mischievous like any cat should be. No damage to the household so far. We took her when she was 5 weeks old and she's been with us for 2,5 months already. She has never done her business outside her litter box! I guess that's one of the reasons my husband fell in love her. Emotion: big smile
I can't tell for all cats but only what I've noticed about mine. We used to think she didn't feel comfortable being along almost the entire day but then we noticed she is somewhat less relaxed on the weekends when everyone's at home. The signs were these: she couldn't sleep well in her usual place, she was following us everywhere and when one of us sat on the couch she'd jump on the person's lap but of course there was no good sleeping. By Sunday she became really sluggish and energyless. In working days all was different: she slept during the day and showed us her love in the evening. She didn't seem so tired. So I'm sure it depends on the cat. Some will do quite fine when no one disturbs their sleep!
P.S. After several months of such behaviour she's OK on the weekends now.

- Jane
It isn't necessary to spray a cat in the face. Spraying them on a limb or torso will have the same positive end result without the borderline waterboarding.
Get a female she won't mind being home alone cats are not nocturnal they are crepuscular dawn dusk hunters so she will be most active when you are there