Two months ago my sister gave birth to a wonderful girl. We live together and there had been no kids in the house before. The problem is now with my 6 year old Sphynx. He's afraid of the girl! I tried to hold him on my hands and come to the baby but he just tries to get out and run away. He won't smell her. How can I show him she's no danger?
I absolutely agree with Stormy. You shouldn't try to "speed up" the process. Let the cat come to the baby and smell her when he wants to. This won't be a quick action and most probably the cat will stay wary for a certain amount of time, but I'm sure he'll eventually try to come to the baby closer and closer. If it doesn't happen, well, that's all right too as long as everyone can respect each other and live together peacefully.
Hi anon

Don't force your cat on to the child, it can end up frighten him even more.

It completely normal for a cat to be afraid of babies and toddlers, if it hasn't been exposed to them before. They baby smells funny, it's small and moves strangely and it makes some very loud and annoying noises. So if your cat usn't used to children, it's no wonder he's afraid of the baby. But it's only because he isn't used to her.

The more the child grows and your cat realizes she is there to stay, he will slowly adjust. Since your sister gave birth only two months ago, you can easily give it another six months for your kitty to adjust - maybe even a year.

Cats are very independent creatures. If there is something it doesn't like, it simply walks away and tend to it's own business.

Be patient, and every time he's near the baby give him a treat and a good cuddle. That way he connects the baby with a positive outcome.

Best of luck to you, your sphynx, your sister and of course the little baby girl.

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