Today Minnie keeps her right eye half closed rather often, sometimes she won't open it after she took a nap. The eye looks clear with no mucus or other bad stuff. Any ideas? A couple of times she kept it wide open.
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She could have scratched it herself while grooming. My Finnegan has done that MANY times! He's such a boob sometimes. LOL. He's gotten his long hair in his eye also when grooming his ears and wiping his paw across his face. Keep an eye on it but you can use pure eye saline if you have it and just pour a little bit in there to try and clean her eye and clear it of hairs or anything.
Just a few days ago Barsik was doing the same but it's okay now. No idea what caused it. I guess alfinnlay's right and it was just his long hair that got into the eye or something.
Thank you people she's fine. It only lasted for 2 days. But now my right eye is a bit inflamed. Emotion: big smile
That has happened again. It's her right eye this time too. She'll sometimes keep it screwed up just slightly. I don't understand why this can be happening again because her eye looks completely healthy. No mucus, no suspicious color changes whatsoever, no dischanrge, nothing. If it's a loose hair that got into the eye, why does it always get into the very same eye?
The same thing keeps happening to my cat too. I'm going to take her to my vet just to make sure it's nothing serious.
make sure you keep us updated on what the vet had to say . thanx and hope everything goes well
Hi there,

I know this post was from 2012, but my cat is experiencing the same exact symptoms as yours. I was googling to see if I could get answers and came across this blog. Did you take your kitty to the vet? What was the verdict? Any help would be great -
Thanks Emotion: smile
Actually I was wrong. It turned out to be seasonal allergies that just kept getting worse. I had to take both my kitties to the vet to be checked and make sure there was no URI, no fleas, nothing. And they are fine but it is indeed allergies. It's 2015 now and they are having a horrid allergy season. The vet has me giving them some Zyrtec whenever they have a flare. Please don't ever give your kitty any medication without asking your vet first as they all have side effects and can cause things like heart problems if your kitty has one. But if it continues to happen I'd ask the vet about this. Also, make sure to clean all your window sills of pollen and around the house. I also use Tropiclean pet allergy wipes on them once a week to get the pollen off and Tropiclean allergy anti itch spray. For their eyes I was told by the vet to use Thera Tears and it works great.
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