Hello I'm worried about my 4 years old cat's health, he's been puking for quite a while maybe a month or so. He's now indoors so there's nothing wrong he cat eat. We used to let him outside and all was fine. But even when he pukes he doesnt look sick or something. So I wonder why can this be happeniing?
Please dont just say take him to a vet, I know this should be done if a pet has any health concerns but there are 2 reasons why I dont do it right now. 1) There're no really good vets around, those I could trust and 2) I'm not a fan of putting a cat on pills and stuff like that and this is what all vets usually do. So often those pills don't help! I'd try all other available methods first.

Hi Peggy,

I know how worrisome it can be when a pet is sick. I have a Siamese that has been puking for years, and it didn't hurt him at all. He just has an overly-sensitive tummy.

What I did was put him on holistic food. The puking is an extremely rare occurrence now, so you may want to give that a try. It could simply be that your kitty is allergic to something in the food, as mine is. I will warn you that holistic food is quite a bit more expensive that regular retail foods, but your cat will eat far less and even poop less, so it's well-worth the bit of added expense.

I'll give you an example: My four indoor kitties are on holistic food, and my three outdoor kitties are on retail food. My four indoor kitties are fed two cups of food per day, and there is always a bit left over at the next feeding. My three outdoor kitties get four cups of food per day, and the dishes are almost always empty when I go to feed them again. So, four cats on holistic are eating far less than three cats on retail food. (I'm going to switch the outdoor kitties to holistic food as well.)

Also, plant some cat grass in a dish for him. Grass is something that cats need in order to assist their digestive system.

Give that a try and let us know how you make out.

Hi Lynn thanks for your reply. Holistic food? To be honest I haven't heard about it before, can you please give me more information? What is holistic food? What is it exactly that you give your 3 indoor kittens? If I decide to switch my cat to it, should it be done at once or gradually?
Hi Peggy,

Holistic cat food has no ash, grains, empty calories or fillers in it. Because it doesn't have all those things, the kitties' bodies are able to absorb more of the food and necessary nutrients. That is why they need less food and poop less. They also slim down and maintain a healthy weight.

If you Google the term "holistic cat food," you'll find many different brands to choose from. Pull a few names from that list and then Google a retail outlet near you. I don't know where you live, but the outlet near me is called Pet Planet.

My dogs are on Orijen, and the kitties are on Natural Balance. There is also Orijen for cats, and it's just as good as Natural Balance, but it didn't work well for my other cat that's diabetic.

Thanks again. I will try to search for holistic food. I live in Stockholm and I hope I can find something like that here. In fact it sounds so great that I wonder if there's 'holistic food' for humans as well? I guess fresh vegetables, fruit, cereals etc are the things we could call 'holistic food' for humans, aren't they?

You're most welcome. Yes, holistic foods for humans would include all the things that you listed.

Let us know how your kitty makes out with the new food. Hopefully it's all she's going to need to feel better. [Ye]

What does his vomit look like? Like pieces of food or hairballs? How many times a day does it happen?
If the vomit looks like food pieces, it can be a food allergy or a very sensitive stomach like JustaBrat said. Another reason is that he may tend to eat too fast. Try to feed him with smaller meals but more often, and possibly change his food. If you can't find holistic food, look for some products with the 'sensitive' label.

If it's hairballs, more regular grooming might help.

I've had my 4 yr old rescue cat for a month and he started throwing up digested food. I realized I was giving him too much food in his dish at one time and he was eating too fast, so I divide it up in 3 portions (1/2 cup total daily) every 4-5 hours. It seemed to take care of the problem. God bless you and kitty.