Hello all! I have a "problem" with my cat. When I lie in my bed in the evening she'll come and start kneading on my hair and head! I was told it's affection so I don't want to discourage it but it hurts! Any ideas pls?
Oh! I had the same "problem" too.It was painful for me, but I was rather patient.Eventually my cat has stopped it, but I did nothing to reach it.So I`ve no practical advice. Emotion: thinking
Try changing your shampoo, sometimes it helps because cats may get addicted to certain aromas in your hair products. Try placing a stuffed toy between your head and your cat so the cat still has something to knead on but so it doesn't hurt you. If nothing works, don't get upset, sometimes cats just stop doing it all of a sudden and many owners never figured why.
Can't you put her away gently giving her your scarf or blanket or anything else with your smell? Emotion: thinking
Have you tried trimming her nails just enough so they aren't sharp? I trim my cats nails because I don't want to discourage kneading either, but it can definitely be painful