I have a six year old neutered male named Jack. He is a strictly indoor cat and doesn't like going outdoors.
I noticed today that he was holding up his left front paw and had a limp. It would get very intense after he would sleep or rest, but using it for a while his limp would almost disappear.
I've checked for cuts and bumps (swelling) but everything seems to be fine. Even when I touch his leg and move it around a bit he won't meow in pain or pull away.

Does anyone have any advice or do you think I should wait for another day before calling the vet?
Thanks I really appreciate anyone's help on this matter.
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Wow, when a pet forum needs a moderator, that's just sad.
Anonymous Wow, when a pet forum needs a moderator, that's just sad.
Hi anon, we need to have all anonymous posts moderated because, unfortunately, there are lots of spammers over the net.
AnonymousMy 10 year old female indoor/outdoor cat has had a limp for a few months now. I took her to the vet and it was hard to even tell which leg was affected but it was front shoulder. I elected not to try pain killers or medication. Now her limp is worse though - she is holding one paw off the ground a lot. It's clearly a front shoulder - she has no problem clawing at the speakers full force with both paws - so the pulling action is ok and the paw is ok. Seems like a sore shoulder. She's extremely healthy - the shiniest, softest coat ever. All gray.
Has she ever had any injuries in the shoulder? My cat had an injury of his hind leg once. It was a long time ago but now, when he's nearly 15, he is sometimes lame in that leg. He doesn't show any pain when we examine him, as well as the other cats we've talked about here. Fortunately, the limp gets gone of itself in a while.

It is no fun getting old, eh...
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Hey Anon,
Thanks for you input! It is never late to share your experience. Emotion: wink
You noticed it right: I would never imagine that the kidney disease could cause limping! I'm glad that your kitty got better. Do you have any pictures of MoonBeam? Emotion: happy
That is some nice information here, animal lovers, just make sure to always take your cat to the vet and not start guessing around what it could be. If it is kidney problems like the person mentioned above, time is of essence.
my black fluffy cat shadow has the same problem,holding her right paw when she walks,i checked and she seems fine when i touch her,im scared and dont know what to do,i cant afford a vet bill at this time,i feel so guilty cuz i cant afford to take her to the vet,what to do?im so upset and crying cuz im such a bad pet parnet,2 days ago she was fine,and now shes limping again,any ideas what cam be wrong?i dont see anything in it.can someone help me?thank you..
Cats can start limping because of a minor wound such as an insect bite, a cut, or something stuck in the paw. It happened to one of my cats once (one of his foot pads had a bad scratch). Everything was back to normal in about a about week.
my cat is like that too he has a limp for almost two days plz help we do not have the finances to go see a vet
keep him in for 3 weeks or take him to the vetsEmotion: noddingEmotion: wait
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