I have a six year old neutered male named Jack. He is a strictly indoor cat and doesn't like going outdoors.
I noticed today that he was holding up his left front paw and had a limp. It would get very intense after he would sleep or rest, but using it for a while his limp would almost disappear.
I've checked for cuts and bumps (swelling) but everything seems to be fine. Even when I touch his leg and move it around a bit he won't meow in pain or pull away.

Does anyone have any advice or do you think I should wait for another day before calling the vet?
Thanks I really appreciate anyone's help on this matter.
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rGet checked out my cat was limping then her front paw its a sihn tof heart disease she's in hospital at mo bless her
She's not 'extremely healthy'- she has an untreated injury or condition. You elected not to treat her or even deal with her pain. What sort of monster are you?!!
My cat got the rabies vaccine because the vet said it was state law and would not neuter without it. Bugbee came home from the neuter with a large lump at vaccination cite, and he was limping on right front paw. The lump went away with daily massage but he is still limping after 21/2 months. Xray showed no broken bones. Vet agrees with me that he is vaccine damaged. So what now? Is he never going to get better?
Perhaps this is due to strains. Cuts too suffer from strains that normally resolve themselves without going to the vet. However, if you notice any other symptom apart from limping, take him to a qualified vet immediately.

All the "take them to the vets" comments are generally from vets cashing in. In cases like these they don't do anything but take your cash from you. One of mine couldn't put weight on her paw, it got swollen and stayed that way for a few days. 3 days indoors and she healed up just fine, no mess, no fuss. I've got one with a stung paw right now, what would the first piece of advice be? "Take them to the vet, just in case", no, I simply won't, she's sorting herself out, even still begging to go outdoors. All you need to do is leave them to rest it off, if they were in pain they couldn't manage, you'd know about it through their howling meows. There's no need to take a pet to the vet for any and everything that crops up, it doesn't make you a monster, it just makes you smart.

My cat is an outdoor cat but yesterday I noticed him limping he wont let me touch it and keeps holding his paw up its a little bit swollen so I was thinking g it could be a cat bite

Does anybody else have any advice

I know you may never read this comment but I had to write and thank you anyway. This information has been so helpful to me! My cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and then a few weeks later mysteriously started limping with no real cause. He is a strictly indoor cat and no injury had been sustained. I took him to the vet and they basically gave him pain killers and said if it didn’t clear up he would need an X-ray. No breaks, no swelling, nothing out of the ordinary. Fast forward 3 weeksclater and he is still limping. I didn’t want him to be in pain so I started doing my own research and found your response. It makes me feel better because I know now he is not in pain. He is on a special kidney diet food and gets subcutaneous fluids twice a week so he is as comfortable as he can be and I will continue on this course until his quality of life deteriorates. Thank You again!