I have a six year old neutered male named Jack. He is a strictly indoor cat and doesn't like going outdoors.
I noticed today that he was holding up his left front paw and had a limp. It would get very intense after he would sleep or rest, but using it for a while his limp would almost disappear.
I've checked for cuts and bumps (swelling) but everything seems to be fine. Even when I touch his leg and move it around a bit he won't meow in pain or pull away.

Does anyone have any advice or do you think I should wait for another day before calling the vet?
Thanks I really appreciate anyone's help on this matter.
In cases like these it helps to check if the cat's got a higher temperature and how is his appetite? How is his balance? Have you checked reflexes? Is he declawed?

Apart from all this, I hope you went to the vet no matter what because a cat limping can have many causes, including neurological.
My 10 year old female indoor/outdoor cat has had a limp for a few months now. I took her to the vet and it was hard to even tell which leg was affected but it was front shoulder. I elected not to try pain killers or medication. Now her limp is worse though - she is holding one paw off the ground a lot. It's clearly a front shoulder - she has no problem clawing at the speakers full force with both paws - so the pulling action is ok and the paw is ok. Seems like a sore shoulder. She's extremely healthy - the shiniest, softest coat ever. All gray.
Hi-I really hope that Jack is doing well by now. I just found this page so please forgive sending a reply this late after the fact. I do hope you see the post or that maybe the info helps someone else.

Since the limp got worse after sleeping/resting, it might well be arthritis, which just like in humans it stiffins up and gets painful after being in one position for a period of time. An x-ray can show whether arthritis is the issue.

There is a glosomine product for felines and I have a 13 year old Maine Coon (big baby Emotion: smile and the product has made an amazing difference.

HOWEVER-that being said...what I found out the hard way several years ago is that in cats kidney disease can also cause limping. My sweet MoonBeam was not eating right and was limping. At first the vet thought she was not eating because of pain. But we could not find any source for the pain. It turned out the limping was caused by kidney disease. Once her kidney fuction numbers got better-so did the limp.

One would never think kidney when seeing a cat limp-but it is always worth the blood test when something else can not be found.
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Sorry for the late reply! How is Jack doing now, did you need to go to the vet?
I had the same issue with my Persian last week, she limped for a day but didn't show any pain when I touched her legs and examined her. So I left her to see if it would get worse and she's fine now. (I think it's just all the fur she's got again, I need to get her shaved Emotion: wink )
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Sorry for the delay, Jack got better limping wise but is much worse as of today. I definitely know it's his right leg because he barely steps on it. Tomorrow is vet time, I hope it's not too bad.
I'm not sure about his food intake but he seems a little lighter. No heightened temperature as far as I can tell and no he's not declawed. Everything else is ok too, balance and reflexes. Thanks for your replies, I will report tomorrow!
The vet came last night and gave him an injection that should help with the pain. I am now to watch Jack and see how his appetite is and see if his limp continues. No fever and the vet coudlnt find the pain spot. He said that the painkiller will last 3 days, if Jack starts limping again we have to get a blood test done Emotion: sad
I guess it's a good sign that the vet didn't take blood right away and wanted to see how Jack does for a little while longer. I hope all goes well and that he maybe just hurt himself a little, but keep us posted please Emotion: smile
Jack's much better today and even a bit more active so I'm going to tell the vet that I want to wait a little while and watch him to see how things go Emotion: phew
My female cat, FiFi, has developed this same problem. It varies in intensity, but the same symptoms as your cat Jack exist. Hopefully someone will have the answer.
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