Hey all, which cat litter do you guys use?
I use this clay clumping one. But i'm sick of having litter all over my place and what I also hate is all the dust when changing the litter.

So i was wondering what you all use and are you happy with it?
Hi there!

I've been using crystal based cat litter for the past 6 months now and I have to say it's been the best litter so far, especially with 3 cats. It does a superb job with keeping any odor at bay!
And for one cat, one bag should be enough for one month if you use it correctly.
It's a little "bigger" than normal cat litter so your cat would have to get used to it. I do get a few pieces of litter scattered around the litter box area but I feel my cats are cleaner because the litter isn't dusty and doesn't dirty their paws. They don't tend to carry it around the house too much.

I've tried every cat litter, from clumping to bio degradable, and the crystal one definitely works best for me.
Oh well, I wish I could contribute to something meaningfull to this thread, but my cat has been using the human toilet from his very kittenhood, so I have no idea of what cat litters may be and which are better.
Is there a brand name associated here? When confronted by the wall of cat litter at the local market my eyes glaze over and I get a headache, so anything that would make the search easier!

Living in Malta I have no clue which litters you have available, but I'll let you know about 3 (of many) that I've tried.

Thomas clay cat litter is to me like every other clay cat litter and might be ok for one cat (defininitely was the worst for me having 3 cats). It doesn't do a good job with keeping the smell away.

Then there is Catsan Hygene Litter which I used to buy in Germany and I was quite pleased with it. Malta doesn't have this though so I don't remember exactly how good it is compared to the crystal litter I'm using now.

Then there is "Litter Pearls" which is a crystal litter. This is a more expensive version of one that I personally buy here (the one I buy is just as good quality wise and how it works, but made in Malta - but I do buy this exact one when the Maltese one is out of stock)... this is suuuper for absorbing odor and if you only have one cat it'll last you longer than the other litters as well. So I would recommend these crystal litters to anyone.

Oh gosh, I feel so unaware with my cat using the human toilet. Emotion: embarrassed
How dare you Emotion: stick out tongue I wish I wish...

Adron, the BEST thing to do of course is to toilet train your cat!

Here's a video or 2 - Toilet training your cat - hehe