Anyone knows a good alternative to cat litter? My cat seems to have an allergy to everything we've tried. I'll really appreciate your ideas, thanks.
Have you tried Dr. Elsey's Respiratory Relief? That's the only thing I use for my two kitties. They never sneeze or wheeze anymore with that litter.
You can train your cat to use your garden (if your cat is allowed outside) or you can train it to go to the human toilet. Many cat owners do the latter. If that's not an option, try recycled materials like shredded papper or wood fiber. There are also eco-letter alternatives that consist of recycled shredded newspaper, dried corn, non-food grade wheat hulls, compressed wood sawdust pellets and even sand.
No but we've lost any hope. If we can't find it or it causes an allergy too, do you know what can be used as an alternative? Thanks.
What I'm saying is why don't you try that litter! It's especially for allergies and respiratory problems.
I will if I can find it... we've tried everything available in our local pet stores. I'm just trying to think a few steps ahead now. Thanks.
Petco or Petsmart, look at those places.
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I've always been wondering how people can mask the smell if they use shredded newspapers.