Hi everyone.

What cat litters have you tried and what is your favorite?

I tried Fresh Step clay but never liked it because of too much dust all over the place. I don't use clay litters since then. Why are they still being manufactured anyway?

Now I use Tidy Cats and it's fine but the smell makes me want to spew. Is it just me?
I've tried them all and the only one that I like and is the most dust free for my kitties is Dr. Elsey's Respiratory Relief. That's the only one I use now.
Pets At Home Wood Pellet cat litter is the only one I buy. It's great.
Thanks for your opinions guys. I'll check if those 2 brands are available here.
I tried Dr. Elsey’s and I loved it but it isn't readily available in my area so I have to go with Precious Cat Ultra Premium which is fine too. It's dust free and unscented.