We're looking for any advice and knowledge with regards to helping our poor baby cat who has lymphoma cancer in her nasal canal. It's a soft tissue cancer and hasn't spread and is isolated only to her one nasal canal. The cancer, when it flares up and she hasn't had chemo for 4 or so weeks, her nasal canal closes and she has difficulty breathing.

Basically she has a chemo dose every 3 weeks and every single time she has the chemo, within hours, her breathing normalizes and she has absolutely no breathing issues, but as a result, she loses her appetite. We inserted a feeding tube which allowed us to give her recovery food and crushed up pill medication without any issues. Her recovery time from the chemo to being able to eat on her own is around 10 days. As soon as she starts eating on her own, she vomits the tube up and then has a day of being uncomfortable but she normalizes again.

The vets are basically saying they don't want to have to reinsert the tube every 2-3 weeks when she does chemo and has advised that we stop the treatment as a result.

Obviously, this is a very difficult thing for us to do as we see how well she responds to the treatment. She has 10 days of being tired and we have to feed her through syringes or whatever, but as soon as she gets over that period, her breathing is great, she's very happy and active and back to being a normal cat until we go through the chemo again.

Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated. We don't want to lose our baby! Please help us!

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