Have you ever wondered how long a cat's memory span is? Some say cats never forget anything, while others claim that cat memory span is, at the most, within a year only. What do you think about it, basing on your own experience?

I must admit that my Barsik always remembered the way to home in the village we used to take him to, so I don't think cats remember things just within a year. Hmm... although I don't think he remembers every single detail of his life, either, hehe.
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My dog was like a parent to my cat for several years. After my dog died, my cat would get depressed every time he would find the dog's old blanket and smell it. That went on for about 3 years.
I used to feed my neighbor's cat. We moved to the other side of town and my neighbor moved too.... she ended up around the corner from me this time instead of right next door. Her cat saw my mini van pass by one day and followed me to my new home. He has never left.

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good question i never really thought about it before but i here stories of cats "owners" dying and the cat walking to grave and sitting there everday untill the day they die themselves so who knows..
I have no idea, but I do have one experience to share. About three years ago we got one of those laser pointer toys. My cat Lucky became crazy about it, it was almost scary, if you picked the thing up, he went nuts, he could hear it because it had a little metal keychain attachment that made a metal jingly sound. Well, we ended up putting it away, because he was just too crazy. We didnt touch it for like a year and a half, it was in a drawer.Well, we were going to be moving and we started packing. When I picked up the laser pointer from the drawer, it made it's little jingly sound and Lucky flew out of my bedroom with a crazy look in his eye, I couldn't believe it. I mean, we'd had other keychains and such, but that one had a sound that he knew and even after not hearing it for more than a year, he remembered it immediately.
Lunameowerwe'd had other keychains and such, but that one had a sound that he knew and even after not hearing it for more than a year, he remembered it immediately.
Same happens to my cat when he hears the sound of a knife against a cutting board. Well, probably it has nothing to do with a cat's memory span, but it's just incredible how he rushes into the kitchen at that sound! (As it may mean some meal for him, hehe.)

P.S. Welcome to the community, Lunameower!
Wow Luna that's amazing! Emotion: big smile

My persian had this particular thing where she'd go crazy if you even MOVE the ham in the fridge, even though it would just make a little plastic sound she'd know it was the ham.

I think cats can remember things for a very long time. I believe their memory works similar to ours.
I had moved quite often with my cats and after 4 years in the new place, I had gotten an old soft toy of mine from my parents place where we had stayed a few months. They were all smelling at it in a particular way and I'm sure they thought "Heyyyy I remember this smell!". Emotion: smile
Along time ago we welcomed a grey kitten into our home just 4 days after we had brought home a 2-year old Samoyed that had been abandoned at the local vet. They were such amazing friends, usually sleeping curled up around one another. The grey cat used to walk with the children & I up towards the school, but refused to go past a particular point. She would always wait for them to come home again. But, strangely enough, if they took another route home, she would know that too & be waiting for them in that location. This continued right through their primary school life.

A few years later we acquired another kitten, a tiny black one that had been rescued from a run-down industrial warehouse. She, while tolerating the Sam, wasn't exactly his best friend, but she got on quite well with the grey female.

Time went on, and so did the Samoyed.

About two years down the road we rescued another Samoyed. It was clear from both cats' faces that they could see that it looked like the same dog but that something was different about him. The grey cat ended up being best friends with him, but the black one was forever telling him off for leaving them & never forgave him.

Another cat that we more recently rescued was between three & five years old, and had been dumped on the local RSPCA at least twice because she wasn't 'perfect' to the breed. She was absolutely adorable & left to join the rest of our pets on their celestial plane at the age of about eleven. In her time with us, she remained scared at the sound of trains, spaces that were too open & was absolutely terrified if she saw my husband in any clothing that was blue, even though she knew it was him. If he had black trousers but a blue jumper on, she was fine after he'd taken the jumper off to reveal for example a white shirt - but not if that also was blue!

So, yes, cats DO remember. And I believe that dogs are the same.
kekeke. the cats in our yard (stray) go crazy when they hear the metal rod thats used when cutting through the bones of the chicken.all wil seem to be at peace until you open the door and hear their chorus for food:o
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