After an illness my cat lost a lot of weight. The vet prescribed Gastro Intestinal moderator callori but it doesn't help in gaining weight. Maybe it's normal but it's been two weeks since the crisis and the weight still hasn't changed, it's 4 kg. Maybe I'm overreacting but I'm not used to seeing my cat so thin and feeling his bones when I pet him. He used to weight 5,5 kg before the illness and at best times his weight was 7 kg. Please tell me, how can I help him gain weight faster and should I do it at all?
If your vet's instructions were to only feed him the special diet, than you had better stick to it. However, if you are free to feed him as you wish, than I would offer him as much high-quality kitten food as he wanted until he put on weight. Cut back before he gets overweight! Kitten food is very fattening. You can offer him free-choice dry kitten food (as much as he wants throughout the day) and feed him a can of soft kitten food twice a day.
his organism is weak after the disease... so that can be the asnwer for slow weight gaining. just keep on feeding him like the vet says... or like elizabeth suggested. i hope he fully recovers soon.