My cat seems to have lost her appetite, she refuses to eat. It's been like this for about 2 days. She'll only come to the food bowls to smell them and then goes back to the room. Drinking is fine, maybe even more than usual. She's also become less active though it doesn't really look like she's ill, she can play and catch a candy wrapper ball but loses interest in it quite soon. She's 5 years old. If she's like this for a couple of days more I'll take her to a vet but I just wanted to know if anyone's had a similar problem and what caused it.
Barsik was behaving quite the same this summer when the weather was extremely hot. All was back to normal when the temperature got lower. I hope there's nothing serious with your cat but - as the girls wrote - it's worth taking her to a vet just in case.
my cat gets like this every few months he is fussy so i have to keep changing what brand of food i buy or he gets bored and refuses to eat. but as your worried enough to ask im guessing your cat hasnt dont this before so i think you should take your cat to the vets asap she may seem ok now but cats are very good at hiding health problems and cats,in our eyes, go from perfectly healthy to on deaths door in a matter of seconds.your vet will be be able to tell if shes hiding an illness and offer the best advice in the meantime offer your cat her favorite treat will she eat that?
Your cat sounds as though she's behaving exactly as mine did when I took him to the vet. It turned out that he is diabetic. I don't want to worry you because it could be something entirely different. Take her to the vet to be checked out.

If you are feeding her just regular food that you can buy in any retail store, then I would highly recommend that you switch her to holistic food as there are no sugars or garbage fillers in it, so it's much healthier for your cat. By putting my 4 indoor cats on holistic foods, I have been able to cut my diabetic kitty's insulin down by over half. Their eyes, teeth and coats are much healthier, too.

It is more expensive, but your cat will eat far less. I'll give you an example: my 4 indoor kitties are on holistic food, and I give them 2 cups of food per day between them. When I go to refill their bowls, there is still about 1/4 cup of food left over.

On the other hand, my 3 outdoor kitties are on regular retail food. Between them they get 4 cups of food per day and the bowls are always empty when I go to refill them.

So, given that example, both foods are actually costing me about the same amount of money because 4 cats are eating far less than 3 cats. Because they eat less, they also poop less, so you also reduce the amount of scooping you have to do. [Ye]
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There are really a lot of reasons why your cat can refuse to eat, starting from something simple (such as being sick and tired of the same type of food given every day) and up to serious health problems. Better to check it with a vet!