my cat went missing 41/2 weeks ago, we searched high and low, yesterday she was just sitting in the back yard, shes very thin, we have been giving her small amounts of food often and fluids, shes very hungry, and follows me everywhere seemed very lethargic and a bit wobbly yesterday, better today but hasn't pee'ed or poo'd since shes been home although in the last hour has been letting off wind, should I be worried? or is it because she is so thin. Jenny
Hi Jenny, it sounds like your cat has been through a lot of stress. I would take her to a vet for a check up to make sure she's all right and everything she needs is your love and care. It difficult to say why she's not pooping or peeing, it can be because of stress but not peeing for a day doesn't really sound good to me in either case. Please take her to a vet. I'm glad she's been found!
I agree, anytime a kitty goes missing and comes home in that condition, it should be checked out by the vet to make sure she doesn't have worms, parasites, etc. and isn't sick.
Whow, almost 42 weeks! Poor thing. I'm glad she's back. Please show her to a vet. There may be more serious problems than not pooping and not peeing... but I really hope there aren't.