Hello everyone I'm Eena and I'm here with my cat Smoky. I have a problem with her, she only wants to eat dry food and I know that's not very good. How can I make her eat canned food?
Thanks a lot.
Hi Eena! Big problem with a lot of kitties but I'm glad you're going to try and wean her off of it. It may take some time but it's not impossible. I have a page on my website with some information on switching foods: http://www.ibdkitties.net/switchingfoods.html . Also, what kind of dry food are you feeding right now? Is it grain free? I recommend going completely grain free when you switch over to wet food as it's much healthier for our little carnivores.
Thank you alfinnlay I have read it all! Her food is not grain free so I will change this immediately. I am not sure if I will find your suggested brands here in Hungary but I will look. Thank you for all the tips, I hope in the future I can even feed a bit of raw food Emotion: smile
If you can't find the suggested brands Eena, just look on the cans and make sure there are none of the grains I mention like wheat, corn, barley, gluten of any kind, oats, etc. Please let me know if you need anymore help. Good luck! Emotion: smile