Hey guys!

My girlfriend and I are taking care of a beautiful black and white long haired cat this week. He's a cross breed, but he's half forest cat and used to being able to pop outside whenever he wants to. He can't do this here, since it's a fairly small (50 square meters) 4th floor appartement.

He seems to have taken it all surprisingly well, apart from the bus ride which he hated. We're in a quiet neighborhood in a quiet building so there's no typical "city noise" to bother him, and it's (luckily) a separate bedroom, separate kitchen layout so for now he has been happy just checking out the rooms, getting used to the smells and the things here. I think he also appreciates the fact that we're still moving in here, so we've got thousand boxes and lots of stuff lying around.

The balcony is off limits to him since he has no concept of what a balcony is and would most likely try to walk the railing etc. which is something we just won't risk.

He's already eating and drinking well, he immediately found his litter box and started using it, and since both my girlfriend and I are cat people, he has been getting a LOT of attention since he got here. I think he's fine, but a little bored. He doesn't find much joy in typical "cat toys" and we won't be buying any "cat stuff" like a scratching pole since he'll only be here for a week.

Any tips on how to keep a cat entertained indoors? Emotion: smile
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I can uderstand your point very well. They do need their territory and they are hunters by nature, indeed.

However, I must confess that we keep our Barsik indoors only. He grew up indoors, and he's barely familiar with the wild life. I would be very afraid for him if he went out because he's got rather a gentle character (far from the Norwegian Forest temper! hehe) and would be very likely harmed by feral cats that keep the boarders of their territory harshly...