Hi please help me urgently! About two hours ago my cat ate a piece of a wooden toothpick sized approximately 0.7cm! He's sleeping now and I'm panicking! Should I wait till it goes out itself? Should I give him a laxative? Should I feed him at all? Please I really need your help!!
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Hi, I'm sorry to know about this! I'd wait a day or two and watch him. It should come out itself but if he starts vomiting or exhibit other bad symptoms take him to a vet ASAP!
Hi anonymous,
I've heard that mashed potatoes (without salt) smeared with mineral oil should ease and speed up pooping but, to be honest, I've never tried it. I believe your cat will be all right.
I don't agree, this is very dangerous. This could puncture an organ, his GI tract, all kinds of things. Please call the vet asap!
But what can a vet possibly do? Surgery? Just because of a wooden splinter? Isn't gastric juice able to soften the splinter a bit? Emotion: thinking
I don't understand that. If a cat swallows a sharp object, no matter how small, it can pierce their esophagus or organs. An x-ray should be done to make sure there's nothing damaged and if need be, yes. I've had friends who's cats needed surgery to get a small string out of their intestines. It happens all the time!
please read and there is an instance of a toothpick here:

you have to read down on this one. It talks about possible causes of excessive drooling but gets into what can happen if it swallowed dental floss or a toothpick:


And there's a lot more but you get the picture.
I admit that swallowing sharp objects is never a good thing but I would not panic because of 0,7 cm. Cats can swallow raw bone splinters of about the same size as far as I know, can't they? I am not trying to minimize the danger or sound like a careless person but I'm inclined to think that surgery on a cat because of something small like this, unless there's a true emergency, is a bit too much. Of course if we were talking about a larger part or an unbroken toothpick, I'd not say this! It would be an absolutely different situation.

In any case, a visit to a vet won't harm if you want to make sure your cat will be okay. But do not panic please. Although there may be such a possibility, it won't necessarily be a life threatening case. Just my opinion.
OMG! Thanks all! He's been ok but I'll take to a vet today! Otherwise I can't sleep well!
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