Hi all sorry for not posting in a while, we unfortunately lost our beloved Bitsy who was found by a neigbour next door, she must have been hit by a car. Miss her dearly.

We were driving home today when we spotted a cat half lying down in the middle of the road, so I immediately pulled over and tried to get to the cat before the next bunch of cars came along, but as I tried to pick the cat up it locked down on my middle finger causing me to rip it out but I managed to get the cat behind the neck and thankfully some one came out from no where with a cat cage, don't think the cat will make it, but at least I got it outta the road. So now I am off for 4 days. Hope it does get better. This just brough all the memories of Bitsy back and I just had to do something.
I feel for you Emotion: left hug

Very nice of you to try to help the cat, is your injury bad? Emotion: surprise
It's just my left middle finger that was punctured by the cats by the nail. It still throbs this morning but I am taking Antibiotics now. Hope the cat makes it.
Do you know where the cat is, will you be able to see how she's doing?
Only place would be our local SPCA, will try the weekend
I'm so sorry to learn about Bitsy. Emotion: sad I hope she'll rest in peace.

Thanks for helping the poor cat - so few people care about it nowadays. Any news from the local SPCA?

P.S. I hope your finger is better now!