Do you think cats really have sense of humor? Most scientists say NO, they can't have it (I guess those scientists don't have cats haha). Do you have any stories proving cats do have sense of humor?

Here's mine, it's about my friends' cat. He had been living with them as the only pet till my friends decided to get a German Shepherd. The cat couldn't bear with this sudden addition to the pack which he obviously didn't approve, and decided to start a campaign to get rid of the dog. There were really a lot of fun things he came up with, it'd be too long to describe them all. But one of these tricks was to sit beside the pup while he was sleeping and to wait till he yawns. As soon as it happened, the cat quickly put his tail into the dog's mouth (yea, great deeds need great sacrifice!) and yelled "Help!! This dog's gonna eat me!!" Emotion: big smile After tricks like this I'll NEVER believe cats don't have sense of humor. Emotion: wink
My cat steals from the dogs' bowls. When we had several kittens, they shamelessly invaded the dogs' bowls and the dogs didn't try to chase them away, which was surprising. Sometimes the dogs even cleaned the kittens after their naughty visit to a bowl.Emotion: giggle
Cats surely have a sense of humour! Feline humour of course. Emotion: giggle