Hey guys,

How does your cat show that it loves you? What signs of affection can you spot? Here are my two cents. Emotion: smile Come on, guys! Let's share how our cats express their trust and love.

- Purring on my lap
- Licking my hands
- Rubbing against my feet and hands
- He used to sit on my table when I were doing my studies
- He sleeps in my bed
- He follows me everywhere in the flat
- If he's sleeping beside me on a couch and I stand up to go somewhere, he immediately wakes up and jumps down to follow me
- He kneads his paws against my mom's clothes when he's sitting on her lap (he never does it with me though...)

I'll add more when I remember what I missed! hehe

By the way, I wonder how different a cat's signs of affection can be, i.e. can it be that the same behaviour in different cats mean both love and hatress?
My kneeds my sclap with his paws and curles up under my neck at night and runs to meat me when i get home
he licks me everywhere mainly my hands and head for hours...

he kneads me till i cant stand the pain anymore

he sleeps on my head till i fall asleep then goes to his own bed

in the morning when my alarm goes off he jumps under the covers and into my arm and has an almight purr

he tries to follow me when i leave the house

he waits for me around the corner from the bus stop around the time i come home from work, he then walks me home

when he sees me he runs to me and tries to jump in my arms

he purrs into my ear

he brings me mice Emotion: big smile

he lays across my arms while im on the laptop to prevent others getting the attention he wants

he follows me to the bathroom (incase theres spiders waiting for me)

he "helps" me cook he also "entertains" me while sleeping sometimes by knocking over everything that isnt nailed down and batting it across the room while meowing loudly and batting me in the face

he rubs his face against mine

he gives me kisses (he puts is lips onto mine and purrs Emotion: stick out tongue)

he curls up on my sholders and goes to sleep under my hair

he looks at me like he is sorry when he has been naughty XD

thats all i can think of for now.....
haha My cat does all that too mostly she just headbutts me and lays on my lap when I'm doing schoolEmotion: loveso cute!
i notice my cat affection when i come home and open the door he always, come,
sitting in my lap, sleeping with me .
and always want an attention when im busy.
i love my cat.

My cat,

• will come to me if i tap my fingers on a bench or call his name

• when i say its bed time, he 'meows' then waits for me to get into bed then lays under the blankets with me needing my arm until he falls asleep.

•head buts me any chance he gets

• if im on my phone he will hit my phone or rub his head on it until i pay attention to him 😂

• randomly lays his body on me

• comes to my room and cuddles with me if the vacuum (hover) is on.

I love him so much. I adopted him from a local vet he was abused by his prevous owner. Cats are awesome so are all animals !!!