Does your cat too love to sit on just ironed clothes? This drives me mad. Emotion: rolleyes
Yes! lol.
My cat sleeps in the washed clothes basket. i think they like the chance to make it smell like them. They don't care for dirty clothes xD
the warmness is why the love the heat though your hypothasis is great aswell
Oh, I was thinking clothes that were freshly ironed but cooled off.

My clothes don't stay hot very long after I iron them...
I keep ironed clothes out of my cat's reach. This is the only thing that works really. I don't know why they love it so much!
My car will jump in the dryer when I open it from a fresh load. Drives me nuts!!! So I throw his blanket in there for a few minutes to get it toasty warm and then I take my clothes out...ta-dah! Problem fixed. Haha
Yep, anything that is either fresh or dirty, I've caught her rolling around in my dirty clothes like a creep. She especially seems to love black clothes and will zero in on them like she has some kind of super power that locates black clothing ASAP!