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To Amelia Woods (I can't get the quote function to work on my iPod)
Thanks, she actually pooped again today too! Emotion: party So that's three times now, still no string.
I can't say with 100% certainty that she did eat the string, but I am about 95% sure. She loves chewing on string, though she's never swallowed more than a half inch of frayed yarn before. When she plays with fishing pole toys, at the end of the game she likes to drag the entire thing in her mouth and take it to a corner to lay on it and chew it up. She was sitting next to me on the floor while I read a book, quietly and sitting in one place. She was in the same place all the way up until bedtime, and she walked right along with me to the bedroom leaving the toy in the pile. She stays in the bedroom throughout the night until I wake up and we go into the living room together. When I'm home she is my shadow, and I watch her pretty closely. I did not physically see her swallow the string but she must have, I've searched the entire house for it and I also didn't find a pile of pukey string.

As for an update, she's still completely fine and without a single symptom. Other than the main "foreign object" symptoms (coughing gagging vomiting, listlessness, crying, hiding, trouble defecating etc) she doesn't even have symptoms of being sick period. No fever, she isn't shedding, over sleeping. She's eating and drinking and like I said she's pooped three times now, once every day.

Does anyone know how to check for a hard spot on the abdomen? I know she must be standing and you rub your hands firmly against each side, but I can't tell what's lung, muscle, fat, etc. it's pretty smooth though, there isn't anything hard or protruding. And how to look on the underside of the belly? Any ideas? Thanks everyone for your help, googling and pet forums have really helped me get through this without having too much anxiety.
Honestly at this point I'd say she's fine. Did you call the vet back and tell her that she's acting and pooping okay? Did you happen to check her poop for string?
Hi alfinnlay! Thanks, I was hoping someone would think shes okay Emotion: stick out tongue

I do need to call the vet back soon, but yesterday he knew she was acting normally. He said if she continues to act normally and defecates according to her usual schedule that it's likely she'll pass the string roughly on schedule as well, perhaps a tad delayed. So today she's still her normal happy self, still eating drinking and playing. I've checked all three poops she's had (the things we do) and none of them have contained string, but they've all been normal in size shape and consistency. I'm hoping tonight will be the night it comes out! If it does it'll be right on schedule and we can all let out a sigh of relief. Emotion: phew I'll try to update again when it happens.
Okay good, I'm just glad you've been talking with the vet. Then at least he knows about it and can coach you on what to do.
I don't want to sound pessimistic but the story of this anonymous poster made my heart shrink when I read it long ago: Cat ate string. If you don't see the string in her poop eventually perhaps you should do x-rays to be on the safe side??