My cat, Azrielle, ate two feet of string a little under 48 hours ago. She's been completely normal and happy; she's been eating, drinking, playing, napping, and socializing like usual. She was urinating normally and defecated once last night. However today she hasn't had a bowel movement. It's obvious that she needs to, she's danced around her litter box at least twice and attempted to "go" twice without success. Last night I fed her canned food with 1/2 teaspoon of petroleum jelly. I also got a glob on her paw that she licked off today. It's now dinnertime and I don't know what I should feed her? Should I put the 1/2 teaspoon of Vaseline? Or just give it to her normal? Should I give her straight Vaseline as well as normal food? I don't have any pumpkin, but I do have milk. Should I give her milk, and if so how much? I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow at 4-5pm, I just want to know what to do until then. We thank you in advance Emotion: smile
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Hello charlotte, welcome to the forum!

If she's got a blockage I don't think it makes sense to give her any laxatives... It can be dangerous actually and cause more harm than good. I would try to take her to a vet sooner than tomorrow or at least tomorrow morning. Honestly I don't know how much and what you should feed her without knowing if the string is the cause of her constipation. Myself, I'd probably be just afraid to feed her anything and would call a vet if that's possible to get his advice before we can see him. Maybe other members will have other ideas.
NO vaseline!! Vaseline is made from crude oil, never feed that to a cat. Please just get your kitty to the vet as the string could be wrapped around her intestines.
Vaseline doesn't work exactly like a laxative, it's a lubricant. it actually just lubricates her system so that it's harder for the string to get stuck anywhere. A laxative either increases bulk or stimulates a bowel movement. But no I see what you mean, I didnt feed her any more Vaseline, just the canned food. She pooped again last night, and constipation was her only symptom. I'm beginning to wonder if she ate the string at all Emotion: thinking
If she's constipated this can mean that she has the string wrapped around her bowels. Please don't chance it, get some x-rays.
Thanks for replying Emotion: smile that is what I'm scared of. but every single thing I've read about string incidents that resulted in bowel perforation and intestinal laceration, the cat was showing clear symptoms. Vomiting, hiding, not eating, not going potty, not playing. But she is eating, drinking. Playing, napping, and she pooped twice & urinated as many times as usual. The vet said tonight would be the night for her to pass it normally. Since she isn't showing a single symptom there's a very good and practical chance it will pass. I've also read two articles on cats eating this specific toy, apparently it's notorious for it. Both were able to pass it normally. I really hope so. thank you for contributing to the discussion!
Please keep us posted!
Hi thank you for your concern.! I did stop using the vaseline, since shes already pooped twice.The vet had actually suggested the Vaseline since I don't have pumpkin. Its okay in tiny doses. The problem with it is it can cause vitamin A deficiency. I ony used a little bit, the amount my vet suggested. It lubricates the insides so the string might slide around and pass easily instead of getting snagged. I just made sure to watch her really close, in the same room (in fact she's perched on the arm of my couch right now hehe).
charlotte mcfeeVaseline doesn't work exactly like a laxative, it's a lubricant.
My bad, I should have expressed myself more clearly. What I meant to say was it's something that helps a cat defecate, regardless of how it works. Anyway. I'm glad your cat has pooped! Emotion: clap
charlotte mcfeeI'm beginning to wonder if she ate the string at all
So this was not certain?
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