Miky's breath isn't as fresh as I want it (if cats can have fresh breath at all Emotion: big smile). Anyone knows a good kitty toothpaste? Do they have different flavours? Actually do you think I should do anything about it? His breath isn't too bad and the teeth look good but I thought brushing them might be a good idea as tartar prevention and breath improving.
Brushing is the best thing you can do, IF he'll let you. There's a great video teaching you how to do it:

I recommend the CET Toothpaste and the little toothbrush it comes with in the kit. Also, I have some products I recommend on this page of my site: http://ibdkitties.net/Groomingoral.html . I do this because I go through a lot of research in any product that I put on my site to make sure it's safe and doesn't contain nasty chemicals and other things that are toxic or bad for kitties. I personally use the Petkins water additive I have listed there. CET does have a few things I don't care for but it's not too bad and you're using such a small amount. It's better than needing to put them through a dental which is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive and they have to be under anesthesia for it.
Anesthesia? Whowie! I hadn't known this! Yes I'd better go with toothpaste. Many thanks for the links! I have a follow up question. Do you think it's possible that a cat doesn't have its teeth brushed regularly and doesn't have them cleaned by a vet and nevertheless has no major dental problems? Have you encountered such instances?
Well sure, anything is possible. I had a cat for 20 years that didn't have any issues with her teeth or gums. If you CAN do it though I would still try but if you can't then try a water additive or even an oral spray. I gave you the link for the products on my site right? I'll double check but I have certain things on my site because I've researched them extensively and find their ingredients to be safe.

Yes I didn't know either that they put them under but there is no other way to get inside a cat's mouth. They're not going to sit there and let you do it for however long it takes. So they have to put them under.