Hi, I took my cat to the vet yesterday to have 4 staples removed from his upper belly after an encounter with another cat/dog.

My vet insisted that, together with the assistant, we held the cat flat on the table and stretched his body out so that he could remove the staples. My cat resisted every which way, but the vet continued. At one point my cat was getting so stressed out by the whole ordeal that he started to pee every where. Projectile pee!!! Freaked me out and the vet said that it was all my cats fault for not wanting to be handled, and that in future if he needs to be treated for something other than his shots, that he wants to give the cat something before hand to make him a little sleepy.

Is it just me, or is this a little extreme!!!???? This has never been an issue before, and I have noticed that my cat doesn't respond well to being handled by this particular vet. I have handed in complaints before about this vet, but now I really feel he went too far.

My cat which is normally an outdoor cat, will only go outside to go to the toilet real quick and then he wants to come back in and will not leave my side, and he seems to be really sad.

What to do?
Hi, Anonymous. I am new to this site, but I wanted to give you my opinion on this, as a life-long pet owner of both cats and dogs. I am so sorry about your terrible vet experience, and yes, I would recommend you find a new vet. There is no reason to put up with this kind of service from any health professional.

I just took my cat to the vet this past week, too, and my vet was so very gentle and kind with him, despite my cat's obvious stress and sincere desire to be anywhere but there. It made everything so much easier, because she was patient and calm. I might add that she has been practicing for a long time, and owns a busy practice, so this is not because she is new to the field.

The most worrying thing to me is that the vet should have done such a thing to your cat without calming him, in the first place, and then that he should have blamed the cat for "not wanting to be handled". Our cat adores us, but he would be very upset if my husband and I tried to stretch him out, forcibly, across a table. Who wouldn't be, come to think of it? Also, your cat is in a strange environment, out of his own territory, and has ungentle hands upon him. Besides being vulnerable and frightened and out-of-control of the situation, it is often painful to have stitches removed.

I am sure you are upset, as well as the cat, and I would not repeat the experience, were I you. There are so many better vets than this. I would get a recommendation from a friend who lives in your area. Good luck with your kitty.