So I've got a cat named Peridot, he's a mix-breed (though this actually doesn't matter), and he keeps smacking away Nova, my brothers older she-cat. He only does this when she accidentally gets her claws into my skin and draws blood an I say, "Ow." It doesn't even hurt that much when she digs her claws into me, I'm used to it and Peri knows it but he still smacks Nova and other cats. Also, he is like my best friend and does everything with me like; sleeping, walking around the house, playing, and even talks with me. So me and him have a very close bond, he's basically a brother too me. So, is this normal for a cat, with a bond like me and him have, to do what he does to Nova and some of our other cats?
Well your cat sounds like a little human, a toddler, who would react in the exact same ways to his "siblings" in the house. There is jealousy involved and also protecting you, so yes I would say his actions are normal.
Thank you for the help and clarification.