My cat was diagnosed with having crystals about a week and a half ago. He is now on CD wet food and has medicine to relax his urethra, but since being diagnosed has shown contradicting symptoms. For a few days he was peeing 'medium' sized amounts (compared to his usual) and the next two days he was just peeing small amounts. This has gone back and forth since being diagnosed. He is playful and active, shows now signs of being lethargic or in pain, but as of today he is back to being in and out of the litter box peeing small amounts. I feel like I'm running in circles and realize it takes time for the crystals to flush out of his system, but I've been back and forth with the vet and wonder when I should be more concerned? Is it after 2 weeks I should worry about the crystals not leaving and getting a catheter to flush them out? Help!!
What does the vet say about this?
Yes I would too ask the vet since he has seen your cat and made the diagnosis. Why don't you ask him directly if these back and forth cycles are fine? I wish I was a vet! All I know is that urinary crystals can be very tricky.
My cat had this condition for many years. The vet recommended Urinary Royal Canine dry food with plenty of drinking water and he was never again hospitalized with catheter and lived to a ripe old age.