Loved it. Emotion: big smile Just the way it always happens!

XD i do the same thing to my husband Emotion: stick out tongue but gizmo doesnt need to with me as im always happy for him to distract me Emotion: smile
LoL now you mentioned your hubby, I realize that he sometimes does the same to me when I* am at the PC, and I sometimes to the same to him when *heis at the PC. I guess we've got to get a cat... Emotion: thinking Emotion: big smile
my cat PHIL is doing that RIGHT NOW. lol
whenever i am on my computer or blackberry..he stares and stares and meows and meows. he HATES anything with technology. he ALWAYS WINS. sometimes, i literally get off for a bit to make him happy. hahaha

he OWNS me.
pinky_promiseshe OWNS me

i dont think there is a person in this world that actualy owns a cat its always the other way around Emotion: stick out tongue
Very cute! LOL