You don't need a paper shredder if you have a cat!

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Very curious! Does the cat think that is working? at the office? haha... I need more paper! I have to work!
That's how you busy a cat when you need to redirect its attention. =D
I love how he pounces every time a page comes out !
Analysts say the paperless office is only a myth, but I guess this little friend is the proof that they are fully wrong!!!
I've seen that before a couple of years ago. Actually I've wanted to do that myself, LOL
Lol that would drive me a bit mad and make me find the keys to my office door lol
@ Lauren totally agree, can you imagine trying to print something important? lol
Barsik has never been interested in our printer by the way. That has probably saved us a lot of documents, including my graduation thesis, lol.
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